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24 Questions Leaders Are Asking in 2024 (and Why You Should Care)

By all accounts, 2024 will be another demanding year. To be successful in these times of constant disruption, we need to start by asking the right questions – and then find meaningful answers. 


At our flagship DO community gathering – the Our New World Summit –  we began an inquiry with our unique network of business leaders, experts and innovators. Together, we reflected on the urgent questions shaping our efforts to accelerate business transformation across sustainability, innovation and leadership.


So what are the questions keeping courageous leaders up at night? Which challenges will they be focusing on in the year ahead? And what do they mean for you? We’ve summarized our findings.


Questions Around Business Transformation

Questions Around Leadership


Questions Around Lifelong Learning & Talent

Questions Around Trust & Loyalty

Questions Around Diversity & Resilience


prepare for the changes ahead

We’re sharing these questions because understanding and engaging with them will hopefully help you, as a member of the DO Community, anticipate and prepare for the changes coming your way in the year ahead.


We know that business decisions have a significant impact on the health of our planet, the shape of the future job market and the types of skills that will be in demand, as well as the government policies that regulate our lives. 


We hope that staying informed about these questions and the solutions we’re offering will help you take meaningful action as we create our new world.

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