What to Accelerate Now: Women in Leadership

During We Accelerate Week, we gathered 100s of todays most impactful leaders from around the world to share and inspire DOing, and accelerate a new economy. Now, we want to share the highlights of each of those sessions with our broader community.

Women in leadership is a topic very close to our hearts for us at The DO, and during We Accelerate Week we had a session dedicated to figuring out what exactly we should accelerate within this broad area coming out of the pandemic. Led by Eva Vander Giessen, Program Lead at The DO, and Katja Freiwald, Regional Programme Lead ‘WeEmpowerAsia’ UN Women, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific , we came up with a condensed list of key areas where we should focus our efforts over the coming months. 


"Gender equality can conjure up images of hollow political speeches. This conversation brought it back to life: what if our boardrooms, parliaments, startup pitch nights, and school yards were places bursting with diversity and equal chances to thrive? That's the future these ideas get us to."

The 10 global leaders that gathered at the future of work session also had a lot to say. Below you can find the 6 things they suggested accelerating going forward:

  1. Be bold in driving gender equality forward in business and political representation, from upskilling to leadership pipelines to inclusion at every level
  2. Champion a results-driven mindset and spotlight quality results that come from diverse teams 
  3. Given the leap to digital and remote work during Covid-19, ensure that women have the tools, training and environment to access and thrive in the virtual space
  4. Make the gender lens mainstream in how capital is moved, from fund managers to promotion incentives
  5. Clear the blocks for working caretakers, from offering onsite childcare to flexible hours to work-from-home arrangements 

Stay tuned to hear how this conversation evolves amongst our partners and broader community. 

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