The Six Building Blocks of a Purposeful Organization

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The Six Building Blocks of a Purposeful Organization are concepts designed to help forward-facing businesses foster success and overcome unexpected challenges.

We’re often asked if there is a recipe or roadmap that companies can use to secure a successful future. Is it possible to remain resilient in the face of rapid change and unexpected challenges? And how can a business ensure that they’re are part of the solution rather than contributing to the many problems that organizations face?

Although every company is different, over the years we’ve identified a number of common ideas that every forward-facing business adopts. These concepts help cultivate success and keep businesses dynamic in the face of various challenges.

We call these concepts Building Blocks, and we’ve identified six of them to help you orient your business or organization towards conscious and purposeful success:

  1. Create and Align your Purpose; Thin consciously about your business’ purpose and how to leverage it
  2. Develop New Skills and Mindsets; Empower employees with new mindsets and skills that prepare them for future work.
  3. Co-Create for Innovation; Co-create, solve problems, and use diversity as an innovation driver.
  4. Become a Networked Organization; Connect with a global ecosystem of experts and innovators for unparalleled success.
  5. Build a Movement; Build movements with employees, stakeholders, and clients.
  6. Deliver Impact Beyond Profit; Ensure that your business has a positive impact on society and the environment.

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