The DO Ecosystem

A curated community of innovators to help you solve the big challenges of our time.

To tackle the biggest challenges of our time, individual problem-solving will no longer suffice. The challenges we face are global and diverse, and so should our thinking and actions be.

For ten years, The DO has built a unique and vibrant ecosystem of people, organizations and networks. Our DOers bring inspiration, expertise and innovation to both our learning programs and our transformation work. From corporate leaders to social entrepreneurs, The DO Ecosystem helps you stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge insight, fresh perspective and hard-won experience.

Our vibrant ecosystem of DOers in 100+ countries enables us to..

Curate the perfect mix of expertise and innovation, diversity and relevance, to build a community around your topic.

Build learning programs that draw on global inspiration and practice-oriented expertise.

Connect you to organizations tackling similar challenges and to pioneers in your field

Provide the global, the glocal and the local lens and implement initiatives on the ground

By drawing on...

A global and diverse community of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs dedicated to reimagining the future of the planet

A curated network of experts and leaders on topics ranging from innovation and sustainability, to organizational transformation

A pipeline of inspiring global and local innovators at our fingertips through international challenge calls and a targeted selection process

A web of collaboration partners in the social impact world.

Regional hubs in Europe, Africa, Asia and US with the ability to connect the global and the local through grassroot networks and initiatives.

Who is in our network?

Leaders, entrepreneurs, intrapraneurs, experts – in short, DOers in their fields. They come from diverse industries, countries, cultures, generations, mindsets and approaches with one uniting feature: a commitment to taking action with purpose.


Leadership Development


Creative Direction & Storytelling


Social Entrepreneurship



Michael norton

Lead Expert in Social Innovation

AMAlee nsour

Innovation Consultant

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Frederik Nyga

Director of Global Initiatives & Partnerships

Frederik Nyga

Director of Global Initiatives & Partnerships

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