Thank you for 2021!

In a year full of adversity, TOGETHER we empowered amazing people and championed a greener, more innovative and equitable way of doing business together with you. 2021 was our most impactful year yet and we are thankful and proud of our great collaborations and super excited to be pushing ahead in 2022. Our time to build the new economy is now! Here's what we did together:

Together, we are turning carbon pledges into action and competitive advantage for businesses and the planet

From young climate leaders to seasoned activists, during We Accelerate Week we spent 168 hours listening to and learning from inspiring voices in the field, all taking meaningful action on climate change. Below is a summary of what we learned and what you can do too.

How do we accelerate Europe’s green economy? 

Empowering employees to become part of the solution with Upskill

This is a decisive decade for climate action and the good news is, everybody can get involved, you don’t need to have ‘sustainability’ in your job title to take action. Learn more about the Leading Climate Initiatives course here

Empowering people to take everyday climate action

THE CLIMATE CRISIS CAN FEEL OVERWHELMING. We have been privileged to work alongside inspiring partners on ambitious campaigns to turn pledges into everyday actions. Count Us In is mobilizing 1 billion individuals in making small actions count. It’s not too late, can we count you in? Start your journey here.

Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet, narrated by David Attenborough and professor Johan Rockström,

OUR TIME TO ACT IS NOW: Too often, individual action is seen as somehow separate from systems change, or simply not important. But we need both, and they are deeply connected. Visit the Breaking Boundaries website, watch the film AND take steps now!

Together, we are driving the future of work

How can we ensure that the new era of work not only works but is better than the one before?

We now have a unique opportunity to bring out the best of what digitalization has to offer and embrace concepts and ideas that have been bubbling below the surface for many years: purpose, equity, inclusion, mental health, collaboration, flexibility, hybrid serendipity, co-creative empowered organizations.

During We Accelerate, we spent 168 hours talking to world leaders to answer this question. Above is a summary of the takeaways and TODOs to guide your future decisions & actions around the Future of Work. Watch the LunchTime Session on Skills and mindsets for the future of work.

Empowering employees to navigate Hybrid Work

Everyone now has experience in working remotely and in hybrid work settings; however most organizations are still not there yet. This is our opportunity to consciously and purposefully create hybrid working environments for teams and organizations alike to thrive.

Watch Anna Kopp from Microsoft share her learnings from leading remote teams and hands-on tips to do so successfully from the The Hybrid Work & Remote Leadership course on UpSkill.

Together we are innovating the core challenges your industries are facing

Here are some of the key initiatives we are proud to have launched with you to tackle the major challenges our world, communities and businesses are dealing with.

Building the future of healthy cities with happy citizens

The first edition of The Green Living DO Challenge @ WLAB took place on 4-5 September 2021. Watch the video below to learn how we aim to address the main challenges Hong Kong is facing.

Together we build movements

How do we make traditional brick-and-mortar stores more than just a place to buy something and a contributor to the community that it’s in?

Together with H&M Group, we united global store teams across 9 markets to enable each store to take action around an issue in its area such as female empowerment, animal shelters and supporting the homeless. The result is a global movement within H&M working to transform the physical store into a force for good.

Together, we incubated new ventures for better business

Together with H&M Beyond we launched a new venture to build a more sustainable and equitable fashion and lifestyle industry.

The Sendup is a platform where good ideas rise and where you can find a selection of beautiful sustainable fashion and lifestyle products from creators across the globe. Check it out and buy your Christmas presents guilt free here:

Together with Be The Earth Foundation and 42 Acres we launched Dream Local to transforms the way urban residents connect to nature while enabling small businesses in rural communities.

2021 has been a challenging year for all of us but with great co-creation, purpose alignment and a clear focus on DOing, we learned and achieved more together than we could ever have dreamed of. We can’t wait to see what 2022 will bring. Care, kindness and new courageous solutions to our pressing challenges are on our wishlist. Happy holidays from us at The DO and see you in 2022!

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