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The DO is made up of an astounding global community of top leaders, industry experts, young innovators and social entrepreneurs. We’ve captured just some of their stories here alongside our tools and methodology to empower you to keep on DOing.
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It started with a local human connection in Berlin and led to a small, sustainable fashion brand reaching thousands of H&M customers. The UN Women Industry Disruptor was the catalyst.
“We are starting a movement this evening. This event is dedicated to the people who are already living the future, giving them visibility...
“Die Neue Welt”, the new book from The DO Founder Florian Hoffmann, opens the digital stage for all courageous DOers who have already set out to create a better tomorrow.
Die Neue Welt traces the people and places that are already courageously creating a new world and finding many innovative answers – large...
Young people today have countless possibilities, but at the same time, they have the responsibility to shape the future. H&M’s Central Europe Lead of Change, Alexandra Grahe says this is the same responsibility global brands have, to contribute to social and environmental challenges. 24YOU brings these two paths together.
In a year full of adversity, TOGETHER we empowered amazing people and championed a greener, more innovative and equitable way of doing business...
During We Accelerate Week, we gathered 100s of todays most impactful leaders from around the world to share and inspire DOing, and accelerate a new economy. Now, we want to share the highlights of each of those sessions with our broader community.
How does the next generation of graduates and young employees approach their working lives? What are their expectations, fears and hopes? We have asked our intern and climate action community manager Oskar to answer these questions. Here's what he and his peers have to say!
In 2020, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere reached record levels and continues to increase. The past decade was the hottest on...

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