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Die Neue Welt Launch

31st December 2022

“We are starting a movement this evening. This event is dedicated to the people who are already living the future, giving them visibility and a public stage - online and offline.”

- The DO Founder, Florian Hoffmann

Departing The Old World, Entering The New

Dinosaurs formed the backdrop for the official Die Neue Welt launch at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin, a perfect metaphor for departing the old world and entering the new.

The event on April 7th marked the launch of The DO Founder Florian Hoffmann’s book, Die Neue Welt, and its expansion into the online space. Die Neue Welt digital platform is now available for all courageous DOers helping to shape a new and better world, the foundation for a movement.

A Commitment to The New World

The evening saw the alignment of representatives from politics, business and science. Special guests Franziska Brantner (State Secretary for Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action) and Matthias Gramer (COO, Deutsche Bahn) stated their commitment to shaping a better future, sharing their visions for the new world.

I partly experience through the current Ukraine refugee situation
what I wish a new world to be like. I have witnessed the deep care
and love offered by not only my colleagues, but numerous volunteers coming to Berlin for days to give Ukrainian refugees a support system. That’s what a new world needs.

- Matthias Gramer

“The times we are living in can help us to enable change: In order
to create these new norms, we need to introduce different legal frameworks and adjust the pricing to mobilize a transformation
of consciousness/awareness.”

- Franziska Brantner

Die Neue Welt Digital Platform

The unveiling of Die Neue Welt digital platform marked the expansion of Florian’s book into the online space. The platform features stories of courageous DOers shaping a better world, and an evergrowing map of people and businesses initiating the changes for a better tomorrow.

We invite YOU: Entrepreneurs, managers, employees, activists, leaders, and all DOers to get on Die Neue Welt map.

Spread the courage that is needed right now. Show how you are helping to build a more equitable and sustainable future, tackling climate change, the energy crisis and social divergence. Everyone already operating in the new world can mark themselves down on the interactive map, make their own story visible, connect with fellow DOers, and share how we are all shaping a better future together. Be seen, connect, and exchange with like-minded people collectively building the
new world.

Get on Die Neue Welt map to:
  • Have your business/initiative featured as a main story on the Die Neue Welt Website and shared with our global network of 50,000+ followers.

  • Have the opportunity to showcase your idea at one of Die Neue Welt events and present your business/initiative to a global audience.

“A lot of people are living in fear. Climate change, war, the pandemic and new ways of working. We certainly cannot solve it all at once but now is the time to mobilize things in your direct environment. Now is
the time to start doing instead of weighing all of the risks.”

- Florian Hoffmann, The DO Founder

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