Shaping the Future of Work with Gen Z

Young people today have countless possibilities, but at the same time, they have the responsibility to shape the future. H&M’s Central Europe Lead of Change, Alexandra Grahe says this is the same responsibility global brands have, to contribute to social and environmental challenges. 24YOU brings these two paths together.
24YOU Susi

"When leaving school I was very scared of the future and of the choices I had to make. I no longer feel that way. Now I know that I can do everything."

The DO School’s 24YOU program equips young people with the tools and mindsets needed for the working world of tomorrow. In partnership with H&M, 24YOU provides a gap year program where participants discover and develop their strengths, learn about career paths through mentorship and create innovative solutions with a world-leading fashion brand.

Over the last six months, 19 young people journeyed through our 24YOU program. Living and learning together in Berlin, for many, it was their first experience away from home.

Enable a growth mindset and creatively solve problems

The DO’s Program Designer, Angelique Hinz says 24YOU enables a growth mindset and helps young people understand how they can creatively solve problems, beginning with personal challenges and expanding to the world’s broader issues. Following last week’s completion of the 2021-2022 program, all 19 participants have a clear path of where they want to head next, including further study, internships, or travel.

A journey of self-discovery and co-creating solutions

Firstly, 24YOU takes young people on a journey of self-discovery. Secondly, it provides opportunities to co-create innovative solutions with H&M. During the last six months, the 24YOU cohort created the first ideas for a hybrid showroom to engage all of the human senses, supporting H&M in connecting with the wider community. The previous program saw the development of ideas on how to raise awareness of H&M’s sustainability actions.

Co-creation through the 24YOU program is invaluable for our organization, says H&M’s Alexandra Grahe. “It’s an incredible opportunity to gain Generation Z’s perspective and understand their needs, to see how we can shape the future together.”

“I’m proud to be a part of this program, alongside The DO, and to see the solutions and impact we create in the future!”

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