Resilience and Wellbeing at Work

Positive impact through wellbeing in the workplace.

Feeling inspired and motivated to thrive in a purposeful economy requires a certain sense of health, happiness and wellbeing. Identifying what it takes to establish resilience for ourselves will ultimately create a ripple effect for others. This course enables your teams to identify new approaches and behaviors for dealing with adversity and to build resilience and adaptability.


6 weeks; 4h per week




4 x 90 minute live sessions, curated content & peer reflection groups


max. 20 participants

In this course participants will learn how to…

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What's in it for your organization?

Approach the course topic through a real challenge in your organization and have your teams learn how to find and implement solutions to it.

Combine self-paced learning with live class participation to stay flexible according to your organization’s needs and availability.

What makes our courses so successful are the people behind them, including seasoned facilitators, industry experts and an enthusiastic global community.

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“I’ve spent the last 5 decades learning from people all over the world how they maintain their resilience and how they resolve conflict. The pandemic has brought up an epidemic of loneliness and conflict and difficulties in families and in work environments and we need to amass all the skills we have learned to help us deal with these problems and this course is exactly what is needed now”

Scilla Elworthy, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, will provide exclusively recorded expert insight on resilience and wellbeing at work.

Course Format

The course is structured around the 4-stage DO School innovation method – Dream, Focus, Plan and DO.

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6

Interactive & collaborative live sessions on tools, skills & mindsets based on The DO Method.

Exclusively curated content by renowned expert

Implementation and processing of learnings

Knowledge sharing and reflecting of individual learning journey in peer groups

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In a year full of adversity, TOGETHER we empowered amazing people and championed a greener, more innovative and equitable way of doing business together with you. 2021 was our most impactful year yet and we are thankful and proud of our great collaborations and super excited to be pushing ahead in 2022. Our time to build the new economy is now! Here's what we did together:

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