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Change the way your people create value for your business.

Are your leaders fully equipped to drive success?

For your top talent to actively shape your company’s future and elevate their own teams, they must first master co-creation across silos, possess strong communication and influencing skills and have the resilience and grit to get things DOne. With these skills and mindsets, ideas will turn quickly into action, innovation processes will be invigorating and your teams will thrive.

Future-proofed people development


We connect your top talent with our global community of experts and innovators that bring relevant insight and inspiration into the innovation process.


Gain access to customer-focused, purposeful and innovative solutions generated by your top talent that are ready to apply in your company immediately. 


The award-winning DO Method is specifically designed to rapidly ideate, prototype, and bring ideas to life. 

View the case study to see how Otto International’s top talent created hands-on solutions.

The Intrapreneurs Academy learning outcomes for participants

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Learn from our global DO Ecosystem

All our DO School programs are powered by a unique and vibrant ecosystem of people, organizations and networks.

Course Modules

The program is structured around the 4-stage DO School innovation method – Dream, Focus, Plan and DO – taking the participants from challenge understanding to prototyping and pitching.







Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4

Month 5

Month 6

Core skills & mindsets

-Analytical thinking and problem solving
-Creativity and innovation
-Effective co-creation and collaboration
-User understanding
-Empathy building
-Big picture mindset
-Effective co-creation and collaboration
-Active listening and communication
-Scientist mindset
-Critical thinking
-Decision making
-Impact mindset
-Leadership and social influencing
-Resilience mindset

– Pitching
– Networking
– Abundance mindset

The world’s leading companies are learning with The DO School



6-12 months


online, in-person or hybrid


9-12 full-day workshops + access to online content



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Having worked in the automotive industry for over 35 years, Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of BMW AG’s Board of Management, was brought up in the age of the Faster, Higher, Farther mantra. Today, when that mantra has lost all meaning, Peter uses purpose as his orientation guideline in both his personal and professional life and throughout his mentoring efforts. 

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