Innovation Challenge

Co-create with a global community of innovators and experts

Building radically relevant products and services

The organizations that mobilize internal and external networks will be the most innovative, relevant and ultimately successful. Innovation processes designed to generate purpose-driven products and services are built on bringing together a diverse group of co-creators – not only a diversity of demographics, but also disciplines, backgrounds and experience levels.

Innovation that focuses on diversity and purpose

New connections

Gain access to a unique group of co-creators – both from within your organization as well as from our global network of DOers – focused on ideating around your organization’s most pressing challenges.

Co-creation in a new light

Have your internal team experience co-creation in new innovative ways that can further support and inspire your organization.

Validated ideas

Generate validated ideas that can be pushed through faster during the product development phase.

Outcomes depending on what stage of the innovation process you’re in:

Read how UN Women is empowering female-founded or focused enterprises to reshape the garment industry.

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Learn from our global DO Ecosystem

All our DO School programs are powered by a unique and vibrant ecosystem of people, organizations and networks.

Course Modules

The program is structured around the 4-stage DO School innovation method – Dream, Focus, Plan and DO – taking the participants from challenge understanding to prototyping and pitching.

4 months (5 full-day workshops)10 weeks of remote collaboration (10 full-day co-creation workshops)6 months (4 weeks of in-person co-creation)From 2-24 months
Multiple concepts ready for validationMultiple MVPs defined and initial pilot conductedMultiple MVPs defined and initial pilot conductedValidated concepts developed into products or services

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Read how UN Women is empowering female-founded or focused enterprises to reshape the garment industry.