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Going above and beyond the usual innovation techniques

Even the most successful companies can’t innovate alone. Organizations must go beyond the usual innovation efforts like in-house incubators to build real momentum around a topic. To solve the big challenges of today, we require an ecosystem approach; one that combines diversity of people, ideas and solutions. 



1-3 years


online, in-person or hybrid

A curated ecosystem for a collective impact


Get recognized as an industry leader driving a topic forward that is important to you and your organization.


Establish a constant stream of new ideas and diverse perspectives across your entire value chain.


Increase your impact through collaborative thinking, exchange and collective solutions.

Read how UN Women is empowering female-founded or focused enterprises to reshape the garment industry.

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All our DO School programs are powered by a unique and vibrant ecosystem of people, organizations and networks.

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The Impact Community program will connect your internal stakeholders with the broader community through a series of challenge formats, interactive online workshops, expert sessions and comprehensive toolkits to create win-win solutions ready to integrate into your value chain.The program will be hosted on The DO Community platform, providing your team the opportunity to connect to an even larger ecosystem of innovators in the public and private sector to exchange knowledge, network and collaborate.Support and guidance is provided in the form of regular opportunities for mentorship and peer coaching. The experienced coaches and mentors range from your organization’s best talents, to industry partners and external experts - ensuring a wide range of perspectives and voices.

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Kaya Dorey, a member of The DO School community, is the UN Environment Young Champion of the Earth for North America. She founded NOVEL SUPPLY CO, a conscious and eco-friendly apparel brand based in Vancouver. Kaya introduces us to NOVEL SUPPLY CO and other changemakers that are making waves in the fashion and retail industry.
In a year full of adversity, TOGETHER we empowered amazing people and championed a greener, more innovative and equitable way of doing business together with you. 2021 was our most impactful year yet and we are thankful and proud of our great collaborations and super excited to be pushing ahead in 2022. Our time to build the new economy is now! Here's what we did together:

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