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Creating radically relevant products and services that are purposeful.

Establishing a framework for your teams to thrive

For your company to stay relevant in a fast-changing market, you must truly understand your customer needs. In order to do so, customer insights are key, yet translating these insights on an operational level and across silos while maintaining innovation and creativity can be challenging. By first enabling your teams to master effective co-creation and communication, you equip them with the skills and mindsets needed to distill valuable user insights into relevant products and services.



2-5 day interactive workshop


online, in-person or hybrid



Setting your teams up for success


The Innovation Camp solidifies the knowledge, skills and mindsets needed to facilitate and implement innovation processes internally and with clients. 


Ensure your teams build the solid networks of innovators needed to facilitate and implement innovation processes both internally and with customers for improved business performance. 


Gain access to customer-focused, purposeful and innovative solutions generated by your top talent that are ready to apply in your company immediately.



Download the case study to find out how Otto International’s top talent created hands-on solutions.


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Course Modules

The program is structured around the 4-stage DO School innovation method – Dream, Focus, Plan and DO – taking the participants from challenge understanding to prototyping and pitching.

DAY 01DAY 02DAY 03
- Effective co-creation and collaboration
- Analytical thinking and problem solving
- Creativity and innovation
- User understanding
- Empathy building
- Active listening
- Prototyping
- Leadership and social influencing
- Pitching

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Håkan Nordkvist is Head of Sustainability Innovation at Ingka Group (the largest IKEA franchisee, operating 367 IKEA stores in 30 markets). From building BILLY bookshelves in the 90’s to innovating and building sustainable business opportunities, Håkan is a key figure in purposeful retail around the world. Discover all about his beginnings, his current projects such as the solar panel initiative, developing new circular business models for IKEA and a whole lot more.

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