Employee-Led Climate Action with Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots

Empowering you to take action towards a greener economy.

We all know that a transition towards a greener, carbon-neutral economy is essential, but how can we get started? This course enables you to uncover your self-efficacy when it comes to climate action, empowers you to take action now, and enables you to persuade others to join the movement. You will learn about core aspects of climate change and walk away empowered to take action.


6 weeks; 4h per week




live facilitated sessions, curated content & peer reflection groups


max. 20 participants

In this course you will learn how to…

This course is relevant for you if you want to...

Become part of the climate action movement

Connect to a network of intrapreneurs, share best practices and innovate together

Learn from experts in the field of climate action on how to take action and create impact

Meet your
program leader

Expert Input

Dr. Jane Goodall DBE and Executive Director of Education Tara Golshan, of the world-renowned Roots & Shoots, will provide exclusively recorded expert input to bring the idea of service learning and action for the planet to you and your team.

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«We must come out of this pandemic with a different respect for nature and animals, and stop treating them as though they’re commodities. If we come out of this pandemic thinking along those lines, that will make us better people and better stewards of the planet and the future.»

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE

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Course Format

The course is structured around the 4-stage DO School innovation method – Dream, Focus, Plan and DO.

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6

Interactive & collaborative live sessions on tools, skills & mindsets based on The DO Method.

Exclusively curated content by renowned expert

Implementation and processing of learnings

Knowledge sharing and reflecting of individual learning journey in peer groups

The world’s leading companies are learning with The DO School

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Frederik Nyga

Director of Global Initiatives & Partnerships

Frederik Nyga

Director of Global Initiatives & Partnerships

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