Welcome to the OI Academy 2021!

On this onboarding page you will find all the relevant information to prepare you for the Academy.

Make sure to read through all the content on this page and check it out regularly as we will post more information closer to the workshop.

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The OI Academy is a leadership and personal development program. It involves you and a group of OI colleagues working together on a challenge related to the business while strengthening your leadership skill set.

The OI Academy will focus on:

Whats next?

The first online workshop to kick off our journey together takes place on:


March 2nd – March 4th, 2021

Starting times

3 pm – 7 pm (GMT+8, Hong Kong)

8 am – 12pm (CET, Berlin)

Useful Information

During the first workshop, we will give you all the details about the upcoming online phase and the rest of the program.

Please also block up to hour each day for application of what you learned and group work during each day of the workshop week ( March 1st – March 5th). Make sure to mark your calendars and check back here for further details.


Do you have questions for us before?

Feel free to reach out to Angelique, angelique@thedoschool.org


Please take a moment and fill out the OI Academy pre-survey that will enable us to measure the impact of the program. Thank you!

Dear OI Academy participant. We are excited to kick-off our journey with you. Please take some minutes to complete this anonymous survey. It helps us to understand where we can support you the most and improve the impact of our program.

Please watch this video about how to turn a group of strangers into a team as pre-work for our workshop. Share some take-aways or highlights of yours under the most recent Teams post in our Teams channel.

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