UN Women Industry Disruptor: India

Funded by the European Union, the UN Women Industry Disruptor (India) is an acceleration program that provides you access to mentorship, investors and the opportunity to grow your ideas and increase your impact through scaling your venture. 

Are you disrupting the fashion and lifestyle industry but need to attract investment, build your e-commerce presence, and form relationships with peers and big industry players to make a bigger impact? We’ve got you covered. Join the UN Women Industry Disruptor to gain access to likeminded industry players – ranging from fellow entrepreneurs to corporates and investors – who want to change the industry for the better.

Industry Partners

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What's in it for you?


Gain access to a network of like-minded industry players – from fellow entrepreneurs to investors and corporate leaders.


Learn how to grow e-commerce ventures, secure investment, collaborate with multinational brands and scale your business model. 


Contribute to a more equitable and sustainable fashion and lifestyle industry.


Learn from leading experts in the industry and gain unique insights into existing challenges, opportunities and more.


Gain deep insight into The DO Method, an award-winning, tested innovation approach used by world-leading businesses and non-profit organizations.

Highlights from Industry Disruptor 2020

women-led ventures activated
experts and innovators engaged
industry partners (H&M, Tchibo, Bonprix) mobilized
venture capital funding secured

Meet the team

Eva Vander Giessen

Program Lead



Catia Dawood

Director of Staffing


Founder DOx India


Regional Head – WeEmpower Asia, UN Women


Project Manager


Country Programme Manager- WeEmpower Asia, UN Women


Consultant – Monitoring, Reporting and Documentation, WeEmpower Asia, UN Women


Director of Communications & Marketing


Yes. This program is open to entrepreneurs of all genders, provided the enterprise directly benefits women through the product, service or business model. 

If your company 1) empowers or benefits women in some way, and 2) has a product, service, business model or approach that can be transferable to the fashion or lifestyle industry in the way it tackles sustainability challenges, yes, please apply! 

Yes, if your enterprise is active in India in some way (e.g. material sourcing, production, impact). 

We seek ventures that are operational and ready to scale. This usually means they are legally registered. Please get in touch with us for special cases. 

The Industry Disruptor program focuses on supporting enterprises to grow, scale and connect and on empowering those with the power to make decisions within these companies –  it is therefore important that the founder and / or CEO of the company applies. 

The Industry Disruptor intensive is open to 20 participants. As a result we cannot consider teams or co-founders, as this would mean that another enterprise would not get a spot. For the online training, there is the possibility for more than one founder to participate. We therefore suggest if you are a founding team for the one founder to apply who is most in charge of driving future strategy and scaling.

Participation is fully funded through UN Women’s We Empower Asia Program.

  • Your company must either a) be women-led or owned, b) offer a product or service that benefits women, or c) have a majority female team. 
  • Your company must be active in India (e.g. registered and / or operational in India).
  • Your venture must operate in a fashion and lifestyle-related field or the broader value chain (including everything from design, production, technology and distribution) OR have a product / service applicable to the industry.
  • You are 18 years or older.

The selection will be based on a combination of factors, including individual aspects such as motivation, vision and drive; organizational criteria, such as venture maturity, sustainability and scalability of business model; and scope of impact on environment, gender equality, and society. 

Please submit your application here


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Feature image of Industry Disruptor fellow and founder of JULAHAS, Kanak Hirani. 

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