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Funded by the European Union, the UN Women Industry Disruptor (India) is an acceleration program that provides you access to mentorship, investors and the opportunity to grow your ideas and increase your impact through scaling your venture. 

Are you disrupting the fashion and lifestyle industry but need to attract investment, build your e-commerce presence, and form relationships with peers and big industry players to make a bigger impact? We’ve got you covered. Join the UN Women Industry Disruptor to gain access to likeminded industry players – ranging from fellow entrepreneurs to corporates and investors – who want to change the industry for the better.


Impact of the UN Women Industry Disruptor since its inception in year (2021) over 2 phases:


women-owned or women-benefiting ventures increased their skills and impact through 6-month acceleration programs in EU and India


open source solutions to 12 brand-specific challenges co-created


collaborations between industry partners and entrepreneurs launched, 6+ collaborations between entrepreneurs, 1 investment deal

Challenges and solutions

The UN Women Industry Disruptor 2022 connected changemakers and international industry partners. Together they identified and co-created 20 solutions for 12 pressing equity and sustainability challenges in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Challenge: How could we better forecast demand and plan inventory to make overstock a thing of the past? 

Challenge:  How could we match-make products and services that address social, environmental, and gender equality challenges in fashion & lifestyle procurement in India?

Challenge:  How might e-commerce and D2C influence people to make choices that support women and sustainability?

Challenge: What should be the key components of a platform that will provide a supportive ecosystem for women entrepreneurs?

Solution: PREpair,  a pre-booking marketplace to better forecast demand and prevent overstock.

Solution: Authentica, a gender-inclusive marketplace.

Solution: Re-volution, a campaign to showcase the stories and environmental impact of sustainable products made by women.

Solution: WorkEt, a platform for women entrepreneurs in India to learn, network and access the resources they need to succeed.

Impact & Results

UN Women Industry Disruptor Impact: to contribute to strengthening women’s leadership and sustainability across the fashion and lifestyle industry supply chains.

In this latest phase of the UN Women Industry Disruptor, we are excited to share key highlights towards this objective:

percentage of entrepreneurs create new professional opportunities for women
entrepreneurs and all 5 industry partners were sensitized on Women’s Empowerment Principles and half of Cohort 2 entrepreneurs already implemented a Gender Strategy Plan, exceeding our goals
linkages were created between entrepreneurs, industry partners, and mentors, with 6 collaborations in discussion
percentage of entrepreneurs increased online engagement through the program (sales, customer base, etc) - even in the face of widespread downturn during the pandemic
entrepreneurs gained access to financing opportunities and all 20 entrepreneurs in Cohort 2 pitched their ventures to investors

Industry Partners

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Meet the team

Eva Vander Giessen

Director of Entrepreneurship




People Director


Founder DOx India


Regional Head – WeEmpower Asia, UN Women


Project Manager


Country Programme Manager- WeEmpower Asia, UN Women


Consultant – Monitoring, Reporting and Documentation, WeEmpower Asia, UN Women

Any questions? Get in touch!


Director of Entrepreneurship

Feature image of Industry Disruptor fellow and founder of JULAHAS, Kanak Hirani. 

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