Tools in Action: 8-4-2 Ideation Tool

Introducing the our approach to ideation and getting unstuck.

We’re continuing our Purposeful Organizations Tools in Action series, where we highlight a suitable tool or methodology to complement each building block of a Purposeful Organization. This week, we’re introducing our 8-4-2 Ideation Tool to accompany the Work as Co-Creators building block. 

How we approach ideation

For our third building block, Work as Co-Creators, we’ve chosen to focus on a tool that helps teams with ideation, an integral part of any co-creation process. With new co-creation teams, it can often be difficult to start the ideation phase. To get unstuck, we like to use the 8-4-2 Ideation Tool.

Brad, our Head of Innovation here at The DO School, explains the ins and outs of the tool in the video below. 

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