Are you part of Die Neue Welt? Get on the Map!

“Die Neue Welt”, the new book from The DO Founder Florian Hoffmann, opens the digital stage for all courageous DOers who have already set out to create a better tomorrow.

In times of the pandemic, war, social injustice and nonstop news about a global environmental collapse, it can be hard to imagine that “A New World” helping to solve these challenges already exists. Making its courageous creators visible is the idea behind “Die Neue Welt”, Florian Hoffmann’s new book that opens into the digital space. With an online platform to showcase powerful stories of hope, it gives a stage to innovators who are already building a new world together, and there are many more following their example every day.

At we invite entrepreneurs, managers, DOers, employees, activists, leaders and influencers with a business, project, or initiative that has a positive impact on people, society and our planet to get on the new world map. Let’s show that alongside all of the dangers and threats, there are people from all over the globe creating a new world that is equitable, innovative and sustainable. We hope to make a place for people to come to be inspired, connect with great projects and share their stories of the new world. 

On the website, we also feature some of the protagonist stories from the book, such as three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Scilla Elworthy, Mina Guli, who ran through seven deserts in seven weeks to draw attention to our global water waste, and many more inspiring stories for you to read. 

Mina Guli perfectly summarizes the idea behind this platform:

“Too often, we look at these big global challenges, and we think, 'It’s too big, I’m just one person’. The reality is we are all capable of doing anything.”

DOing is the seed of a better world: Inspire others and show your action

Do you have a business, initiative or project that is helping to create the new world? Get on the map for a chance to: 

  • Win a printed and signed copy of the book – Die Neue Welt.
  • Have your business/initiative featured as a main story on the Die Neue Welt Website and shared with our global network of 50,000+ followers.
  • Have the opportunity to showcase your idea at one of Die Neue Welt events and present your business/initiative to a global audience. 

Once you are on the map, share your location on social media and each month we will pick one person who did to be featured on Their story and idea will be shared in a full length blog post for others to read and be inspired by. A few of the people who get featured will also be invited to present their idea to a larger audience at our We Celebrate Berlin event in September. Additionally, each month we will pick five people on the map to receive a signed copy of the book – Die Neue Welt. 

We can’t wait to see the map populated with all the inspiring projects we know exist within our community. Please join us in showing people that there is a new, courageous, and innovative world growing by the minute that anybody can be a part of. 

You can buy Die Neue Welt in german here. English version is coming out soon, sign up below to be notified once it’s available. 

Join the waitlist for the English version of Die Neue Welt!

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