Future of Food

A year-long fellowship program to scale your impact through exchange with peers, experts, and investors from around the world.

Future of Food Fellowship Impact


Through Be the Earth and The DO’s Future of Food Fellowship, 40 entrepreneurs with local, regenerative food ventures have increased their impact on topics like zero waste cities, healthy diets, alternative proteins, local and seasonal menus, regenerative agriculture, and more.

Over 30 entrepreneurs and experts co-created 10 year visions for regions from Europe to Sub-Saharan Africa to Southeast Asia.

Fellows gained connections to a dozen investors and four are in evaluation for investment. Fellows were recognized with multiple features and awards, including Forbes (So Fresh), Food Entrepreneurs in Africa (Black Mamba Foods), DLD Conference (SPRK.Global), and more.

Monica Kisic, Founder of Roots Radicals

Blossom Impact Accelerator

The Blossom Impact Accelerator a 4-month program for UK-based entrepreneurs who are radically reimagining local food systems.

Designed to connect ready-to-scale startups with industry experts and investors, the Blossom Accelerator consists of weekly online workshops, mentorship, access to investors, an onsite retreat at the beautiful 42 Acres farm, in-person sessions in London, and a live pitch competition with a guaranteed cash prize.

The program is run by Be the Earth in collaboration with The DO and the Bertha Foundation.

Applications have now closed.

Past Investors, Experts & Participants


Co-Founder of 42 Acres


Innovation, World Food Programme


Co-founder of Talmond


Co-founder of Seed Co-operative


Founder of Soulfood Forest Farms


Founder of Centre for Innovation in Voluntary Action


Founder, KITRO SA


For the first time in decades, the number of hungry people is growing instead of declining – with more than 10.8% of the world’s population hungry. At the same time, up to 30% of total greenhouse gas emissions come from our food and agriculture systems. We cannot overcome these problems in silos or disjointed solutions. We need to come together across our spheres of influence to reimagine the entire food system to better serve people and planet.

Confirmed Investors

Meet the team

Eva Vander Giessen

Program Manager

Scott Goldner

Director of Entrepreneurship


People Director

The DO


Director of Communications & Marketing


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