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At The DO, we believe that in just one day, individuals and communities can come together and make a tangible difference towards global challenges – no matter how daunting. That’s why we created DO Day: our annual international day of DOing on the 18th of October. DO Day calls on Purposeful DOers around the world to co-create solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues. 

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DO Day - October 18, 2021

This year, DO Day21 will take place in the form of virtual, in-person and hybrid events around the world. You choose the format of your DO Day! 
We’re asking citizens everywhere to take practical steps to reduce their carbon impact and persuade others to do the same. It begins with everyone committing to simple actions, talking about it with their friends, and gathering on October 18 to co-create a solution to the DO Day21 Challenge: 
How can we take collective action to reduce our carbon impact?
There will be cash prizes of €2,000 awarded to the top 4 solutions submitted on the day, to help you put your idea into action. Are you having trouble visualizing how your DO Day might look like? Be inspired by our partners Count Us In on how globally people are taking action together.

Get involved

DO Day Organizer: A DO Day organizer volunteers to run a DO Day event in their local community under the guidance and framework provided by The DO.

  • As a DO Day organizer, you will invite participants and host your own workshop with materials, tools and guidelines that we make available to you.
  • You will choose one initiative  that is important to you and your local community, and together you will co-create a solution to the DODay21 challenge. It can be anything, from cutting down food waste to eating seasonally or discussing climate change with your local politicians. Then, you will co-create with your local community an action-oriented solution in an in-person, hybrid or virtual event
  • Share your challenge results with our global DOers community for feedback, support, inspiration and the chance to be chosen as one of our 4 winning projects to receive €2,000 funding to put your idea into action and exposure across all The DO channels
Who can be a DO Day organizer?
Whether you are a student, a passionate employee, a social entrepreneur, a sustainability activist, or simply: if you feel strongly about protecting our planet, join us as a DO Day organizer!

DO Day Participant: A DO Day participant signs up to attend a nearby or virtual event on the 18th of October. On that day, a DO Day participant gives shape and life to the initiative.

What's in it for you



Directly impact a critical global issue and gain access to a global network and resources to implement your solutions developed during DO Day.


Be inspired

Connect and share with fellow DOers and experts around the world who are just as passionate as you through the event and webinars hosted by The DO Team. 



The DO facilitators will provide you with individual tools, methods, and innovation methods to help you tackle any topic.



The DO facilitators will provide a clear format advising you on how to run workshops and engagements during the day.



With our global community involved in DO Day, your project will receive global awareness and has the chance to receive €2,000 in funding.

DO Day Prizes

Together with the Centre for Innovation in Voluntary Action and the Foundation for Integrated Transport will be awarding four €2000 prizes to DO Day organizers to increase their impact and turn their DO Day plan into action.

One of the 4 prizes will go specifically towards ideas that can promote sustainable and transformational transport solutions.

Tell us how you plan to maximize your DO Day and you’ll be in with a chance to win. Good luck!



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