Inclusive Cities Summit

20 October – 15 November 2022

Our New World


Program overview

WLAB’s Inclusive Cities Summit promotes and builds momentum for liveable, inclusive, sustainable, equitable, and culturally-vibrant cities. Through honouring and acknowledging global perspectives, the Summit will focus on co-creating a happier and healthier Hong Kong for all of us. The Summit is underpinned by five interconnected themes: Sustainability, Spatial Inclusion, Social Inclusion, Economic Inclusion, and Cultural Inclusion. Click here to explore the themes in depth.

The Summit consists of panel discussions, keynote presentations, webinars, co-creation workshops (using The DO Method), Happy Hour and networking sessions, and a few other surprises.

To uphold The DO spirit, we will have follow-up steps to put our ideas into action to co-create an inclusive city.


3 weeks

5 key themes

A global community



Inclusive Cities Opening Cocktail

20 October 2022, 5:30-8pm

In-person @ WLAB

Inclusive Cities Opening Cocktail     

Opening Cocktail

PropTech and property innovation are emerging trends today. The Opening Cocktail connects people from various sectors to catalyse discussions around these trends. Come and meet everyone in-person and reconnect with old friends!



Co-creating an Inclusive Hong Kong

27 October 2022, 6:30pm-7:10pm



Hong Kong is a highly urbanised city with its issues like ageing population, high rates of mental health issues, and gender inequality. 

  • How might we make inclusion a priority in Hong Kong?
  • How might we engage stakeholders across sectors to work together in promoting inclusion?
  • What facets of inclusion should we focus on in Hong Kong?


Social Inclusion: Wellbeing for All

27 October 2022, 7:10-7:45pm


Fireside Chat

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the structural inequalities existing in cities, creating and exacerbating multiple social issues. 

  • How might we promote gender equality?
  • How might we create an age-friendly city?
  • How might we improve overall mental wellbeing?


Inclusion in space and culture: legacy in modern cities

9 November 2022, 6:30-7:45pm


Panel discussion

To achieve urban inclusion, we need to provide affordable and accessible necessities to everyone. 

  • How might we encourage exposure to green spaces and nature in Hong Kong to improve mental wellbeing?
  • How might we create accessible spaces to cater to different needs?
  • How might we create affordable necessities like housing, sanitation, hygiene, and health infrastructures?


Circular Economy: Lifecycle of Products & The DO Breakfast

10 November 2022, 8:30am-12pm

In-person @ WLAB

Workshop + Breakfast

We are at a time of hyperconsumerism, creating an enormous amount of waste, including electronic waste. We say we throw them “away”, but where is “away”, anyway? 

Join us for a workshop to follow the lifecycle of electronic devices. You will play a game and create the story while learning about the principles and Circular Economy and discovering the ways to close the loop. You will build a team and explore the environmental inputs & outputs at different stages of an electronic appliance’s lifecycle. 

  • What is a circular economy?
  • What is the lifecycle of products in a linear economy vs. circular economy?
  • How might we create inclusive cities using the concept of circular economy?


Inclusive Cities in Our New World

15 November 2022, 6-6:45pm



Our new world is a place where more than 50% of the world’s population lives in cities. With more people living in cities, are we taking action on urgent challenges like climate change, pollution, and socioeconomic inequalities?

  • How can we ensure cultural and heritage conservation in Hong Kong where rapid urbanisation and gentrification are happening?
  • How do property developers contribute to a more sustainable city
  • How can inclusive cities bring economic opportunities to the property development sector? 
  • How does innovation in the property development sector contribute to inclusive cities?
  • Why is inclusion in Hong Kong important to the property sector and to WPL (e.g., branding, long-term returns, customer loyalty)?

The WLAB’s Inclusive Cities Summit will cover


DO Innovation: How to Get the New into the World

October 10th
1.30 pm – 3 pm

Activate your Leaders to Become Champions of your Transformation

October 17th at
11 am – 12 pm

How to Kickstart Sustainability in your Corporate Culture

October 17th 

Inclusive Cities of Our Future

October 21st

More information about these special events is coming soon. Meanwhile, you can find hotel recommendations for your stay during Our New World Week here

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