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In 2019 The DO opened a regional office in Hong Kong to empower talented individuals and organizations across Asia to lead in a purposeful economy and use business, entrepreneurship, and innovation as a force for good.

Some of our projects:

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust: InnoPower@JC

Initiated and funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, InnoPower@JC: Fellowship for Social Workers aims to build the innovative capacity of social workers in Hong Kong. The program encourages them to pioneer innovative projects in response to social challenges, thereby contributing to the long-term development of these sectors. Social workers, holding a strong influence on our next generation and the well-being of our community, are the key to creating a better society.

This talent-centered development program offers these professionals the privileges of time, space, management support and resources. Additionally, it provides a collaborative platform where they can equip themselves, through the local and overseas learning experience, with hands-on knowledge, cross-sectorial exposure and international perspectives that will inspire them to generate innovative solutions to address the increasingly complex social issues in the 21st century. As the programme partner, The DO Asia is responsible for planning, recruitment, training and project incubation to transform social workers into social innovators.

Wheelock Properties
WLAB | Club Wheelock x The DO

In 2020, Club Wheelock and The DO Asia joined hands to provide Hong Kong with an inspiring and unique experience – a community and innovation hub – WLAB. WLAB brings together the brains, methodology and diverse tools for innovation and co-creation of Club Wheelock and The DO Asia. WLAB’s toolbox combines design thinking,open innovation and human-centric design based on our unique expertise and proven methodology. 

WLAB’s vision is through the power of people and communities to develop new solutions and come together to create a sustainable and prosperous future. Whilst we live in a globalized world, change and truly powerful ideas come from the ground up. And through connecting Hong Kong with a global community of change-makers WLAB will lead the charge in developing new ideas and a vision of how a city, a community, and a way of living connected to nature in a very densely populated area in the 21st century.

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