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What sets innovative companies apart is often an approach to probelm-solving that includes a wide range of viewpoints.

People with similar backgrounds and ways of thinking tend to develop tunnel vision. To transition from one perspective to many, companies need to involve the right people.

The DO Group has built a co-creation methodology into its process, deliberately including both internal and external “co-creators” from the onset of a project. 

Our co-creators represent not only a diversity of demographics, but also different disciplines, professional backgrounds and experience levels. 

Writer and researcher Beatrice Francesca Orante shares her thoughts on what public sector innovation looks like during times of crisis.
As a purposeful organization, establishing a truly networked ecosystem can only come about with a shared vision, values and unifying principles. Marwa Farouq, Vice President People, Organization and Culture at Teach For All, explains how collectively dismantling the organizational hierarchy has had immense impact across their global network.

“Innovation and collaboration are critical skills to advance any nation’s prosperity and competitiveness in the 21st century. The DO School is the energizing force inspring meaningful cross-sector collaboration to solve complex challenges.”

Dr. Martha Kanter

Former US Under Secretary of Education (Obama administration)

The world’s leading companies are transforming with The DO Group

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