Building Block 3: Co-Create for Innovation

Co-creation is the application of diverse talent to solve complicated problems and drive innovation.

We’re often asked which key ideas can be used to drive innovation and develop new solutions to complicated problems. Our answer is always the same. We believe that co-creation – the application of diverse talent for solving complicated problems – is the way forward.

In a world containing so much complex information, diversity is more important to a company’s problem-solving capabilities than ever before.

Bringing knowledge, views, and experiences from all walks of life to the table is critical in order to develop new ideas and solutions to pertinent problems. This type of collaboration won’t always necessarily involve the same mix of people. Since different problems require distinctive, diverse sets of people, different groups can use their skills, knowledge, and resources to develop singular solutions.

Companies can achieve this by making use of a globalized community and workforce. To stay at the forefront of innovation, organizations should be diversifying their talent pools with people from around the world.

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