Building Block 1: Create and Align Your Purpose

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Purpose is a way to empower you and your people to work together differently, and have a positive impact on your customers and the world.

Organizations that clearly define their purpose and align their values to support it are generally well-positioned for long-term success.

But what exactly is purpose? 

Purpose is considered by many organizations in the work zeitgeist to be an effective way of generating transformation in a business. Others regard it as simply a communications strategy that is meant to encourage employees to become more productive and efficient.

But simply defining your organization’s purpose isn’t enough to generate change or rally your employees to go the extra mile.

The real utility of purpose becomes evident when it is used to create alignment within your organization. It’s useful for a number of reasons. First, purpose helps to layout your company’s vision. It points to where you are going and demonstrates how your team can contribute to that journey. Secondly, it’s a tool that can be leveraged to create and foster an understanding between your employees. And finally it can also be used to speed up transformation processes and accelerate the pace of change within a business framework.

Ultimately, purpose is a way to empower you and your people to work together differently, and have a positive impact on your customers and the world.

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Amelie is an alumna of the first 24YOU gap year program. At that time, with her high school diploma in hand, she had no set plans for the future. Today, she is studying business administration for her master's degree and works in HR-consulting. Learn how the program helped her on her way and why it is even more important for graduates to apply after two years of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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