Build a movement.

Whether it’s transforming your culture or launching a bold new strategy, it can happen only if your people are mobilized. We partner with you to create that momentum.

The Challenge

Our Solution

When you’re trying to bring change to an organization, co-creating a movement from within is far more effective than taking a traditional top-down approach.

By building an internal movement that inspires and activates employees from bottom-up, you will gain momentum throughout your company.

With a track record of successful movement-building, The DO Group can help you create the momentum to drive your initiative forward.

 First, we help you to identify potential employee leaders. Then, we give those leaders the mechanism, tools and training to engage, multiply and grow the movement across every part of the business.

Purpose, the motor of organizational transformation: we spoke with Yosi Sergant, Chief Cultural Organizer of TaskForce and Expert at The DO School, to discuss the role of culture in mobilizing employees to drive purposeful DOing.
How social initiatives created by local store teams at the H&M Group started a global movement for a better future

“The DO Group helped me to build a global community of open-minded leaders and to prepare the transformation of my global teams towards a more flexible and efficient organization.”

Bjoern Herzog

Division Manager – digital sourcing & supply chain solutions Otto Group

The world’s leading companies are transforming with The DO Group

Our team and expert network

belinda esterhammer

Director of Innovation

Rouven Steinfeld

The DO Group Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Chris ehl

Leadership DevelopmentPro-Planet Activist & AI Entrepreneur

mike melure

Founder, Blackboy Media

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