Become a networked organization.

Relying on experts within your own four walls is no longer enough. We plug you into a global ecosystem of experts and innovators.

The Challenge

Our Solution

When tackling the greatest challenges within your organization, collaboration beats competition.

Relying on the resources within your own four walls is no longer enough. Being fast, innovative and relevant today means tapping into a diverse network of experts, skills and resources.

The DO Group helps you plug into a global ecosystem of organizations and innovators with diverse skills, expertise and ways of thinking and working.

Opening up can be a challenge, but we have mechanisms to facilitate meaningful and rewarding exchange, including among big companies from other fields.

As a purposeful organization, establishing a truly networked ecosystem can only come about with a shared vision, values and unifying principles. Marwa Farouq, Vice President People, Organization and Culture at Teach For All, explains how collectively dismantling the organizational hierarchy has had immense impact across their global network.
After leading several successful transformations in Italy, Corrado Passera founded illimity with the aim of identifying and supporting innovative businesses that would be otherwise left without financing. With a wealth of insight on authentic and responsible transformation, Corrado provides insight on what it takes to deliver as a Purposeful Organization.

“The DO School was attractive in that it offered the opportunity to bring international teams together in a structured way, with the core purpose of innovating. That’s something that I find unique. I haven’t seen many other programs that can do that.”

Ulrich Schmitz

Managing Director, Axel Springer Digital Venture

The world’s leading companies are transforming with The DO Group

Our team and expert network

ULrich becker

Director and Head of Growth

Rouven Steinfeld

The DO Group Managing Partner & Co-Founder

marta fröhlich

Senior Advisory Philanthropy, Light For The World


Founder & Women’s Health Advocate, Thea Care

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