Align your purpose.

You have a purpose. We help you align and activate it.

The Challenge

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A strong purpose can transform your organization, but only when it’s completely integrated into your DNA.

For it to impact your workforce, customers and bottom line, you need to align and activate your purpose across all departments and organizational levels, from top management to individual employees.

You have a purpose. We help you align and activate it. Aligning means working with your employees to help them find their purpose in yours. Activating means ensuring that your purpose is successfully instilled in every aspect of the business, from R&D to customer service.

In times of disruptive change, working with purpose improves performance and increases productivity. It helps you transform better. This is a holistic journey, and we take it with you.

Reflecting on the Business Roundtable in August, Sayo Ayodele, Partner at Leader’s Quest, shares her thoughts on the importance of creating value for all stakeholders, as opposed to just shareholders and profit. Sayo’s key takeaways include deep listening, embracing complexity, courageous leadership, and a networked ecosystem.
H&M Group Chief Operating Officer Helena Helmersson has worked her way up in the H&M Group since 1997 (Update: in January 2020, she was announced as CEO of the group). Throughout the years, she has developed great loyalty for the company, and also gained valuable insights into how a modern, agile supply chain is set up, as well as what the future of retail will entail.

“In discovering my personal and professional purpose with The DO School, I was inspired to explore my personal vision and change my overall perspective. The DO School opened my eyes to the relevance of purpose in creating my own social value. It kicked off my own “Why”.”

Benjamin Rombkowsky

Manager, IT Products, Bonprix

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The DO Founder

Rouven Steinfeld

The DO Group Managing Partner & Co-Founder

MIChael norton

Lead Expert in Social Innovation

Alex marashian

Creative Consultant


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