Welcome to Our New World Week

The DO is thrilled to host its third global community gathering of courageous leaders, leading experts and young impact entrepreneurs. Following We Emerge Week (2020) and We Accelerate Week (2021), we will take stock and openly discuss the biggest priorities for 2023 in using business as a force for good.

Our 2022 gathering will focus on the Our New World movement: highlighting people and places who are building a better future, how we can learn from their example, and together solve the big challenges of our time.

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Our New World Week Dinner

The New World takes a look at the old world. Join us at the recently opened Humboldt Forum for an exclusive look and conversation with Stadtmuseum Director Paul Spies on the exhibition Berlin Global, The World History of Berlin before heading for dinner at the museum hosted by The DO founders Katherin Kirschenmann and Florian Hoffmann.


Paul Spies 
Stadtmuseum Berlin

Katherin Kirschenmann
The DO

Florian Hoffmann
The DO

Our New World Week Summit

How do we overcome challenges and seize opportunities in Our New World? Select members of The DO’s European community will come together at The DO Berlin Space to share best practices and discuss key priorities for 2023.

Four themes will guide the day:

  • How DO we achieve speed in making our businesses and societies fit for the next chapter?
  • What kind of leadership helps us navigate short-term vs long-term goals in the green economy?
  • How DOes our organization partake in the upskilling revolution?
  • How DO we build ecosystems on the key challenges we cannot solve on our own?

Join a uniquely multidisciplinary and diverse community to explore these themes. Contributors include:

Our New World Week Webinars

Between October 10th and 17th, existing and new DO Community members can sign up to various deep dive webinars bringing together small expert groups for closed-door conversations.


DO Innovation: How to Get the New into the World

October 10th
1.30 pm – 3 pm

Activate your Leaders to Become Champions of your Transformation

October 17th at
11 am – 12 pm

How to Kickstart Sustainability in your Corporate Culture

October 17th at
4 pm – 5.30 pm

Inclusive Cities in Our New World

November 15th at
11 am – 12.40 pm CET

Our New World x WLAB’s Inclusive Cities Summit

WLAB’s Inclusive Cities Summit promotes and builds momentum for liveable, inclusive, sustainable, equitable, and culturally-vibrant cities. Through honouring and acknowledging global perspectives, the Summit will focus on co-creating a happier and healthier Hong Kong for all of us.

DO Day

On October 18th, we will celebrate our annual DO Day by highlighting entrepreneurs around the world that are championing concrete new solutions, bold changemakers who are DOing.

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