5 Steps to Building a Movement

In order for your team to get behind a new project or initiative, you need to take them along with you on the journey by building a movement.

Getting your organization’s people excited about a new initiative or project requires them to be actively engaged in the process. By creating opportunities for contribution and participation, you harness the potential of your people to drive ideas and create real transformation. At The DO, we call this building a movement. Not only is it one of our building blocks to creating a purposeful organization, but it is also an essential part of any organization’s transformation process. 

In recent years, we have found this approach to movement building to be particularly valuable for rolling out authentic and meaningful green initiatives across organizations. Our “few to many” method  empowers a select group of especially motivated first-movers with the skills required to act as multipliers in an organization. We have developed a series of tools and processes to support our partners throughout the process. Below, you can see a breakdown of the 5 steps to building a movement.  

Learn more about our approach to movement building!

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