Realizing Your Personal Motivation to Ensure Success

Having worked in the automotive industry for over 35 years, Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of BMW AG’s Board of Management, was brought up in the age of the Faster, Higher, Farther mantra. Today, when that mantra has lost all meaning, Peter uses purpose as his orientation guideline in both his personal and professional life and throughout his mentoring efforts. 

The Changing Zeitgeist of Purpose

Reflecting on the Business Roundtable in August, Sayo Ayodele, Partner at Leader’s Quest, shares her thoughts on the importance of creating value for all stakeholders, as opposed to just shareholders and profit. Sayo’s key takeaways include deep listening, embracing complexity, courageous leadership, and a networked ecosystem.

Unlocking a Broader Sense of Leadership

As a purposeful organization, establishing a truly networked ecosystem can only come about with a shared vision, values and unifying principles. Marwa Farouq, Vice President People, Organization and Culture at Teach For All, explains how collectively dismantling the organizational hierarchy has had immense impact across their global network.

Transforming with Authenticity and Responsibility

After leading several successful transformations in Italy, Corrado Passera founded illimity with the aim of identifying and supporting innovative businesses that would be otherwise left without financing. With a wealth of insight on authentic and responsible transformation, Corrado provides insight on what it takes to deliver as a Purposeful Organization.